3D Print & Design Workshop | Barcelona

3D-Printer assembly & creative experimentation

Workshop | Barcelona | September 2012
by Elisava + Fundacio CIM 
You’ll build your own 3DPrinter and develop a design project to be made with your machine. 

3D Print Workshop

This course is conducted jointly by the Fundació CIM (UPC) (Llorens Artigues 12, Barcelona) and ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona (La Rambla 30-32, Barcelona)
from 12 to 21 September 2012. 60h
2.400 € (Includes RepRap machine, the student makes it and brings it home)
Spanish / Catalan / English
from 10am to 2pm and from 3pm to 7pm
Students with Degree qualifications in engineering or degree in design. Graduates in the fields of design, engineering, technology or production. Professionals with experience in the field of engineering or design. People self-taught in new production technologies
Bernat Cuní (ELISAVA – Cunicode), Albert Fuster (Head of studies Degree in Design ELISAVA), Felip Fenollosa (Technical director Fundació CIM), Xavier Riudor (Head of Science and Technology Area ELISAVA), Arnau Díaz (academic management Fundació CIM), Albert Camps (Fundació CIM), Xavier Martínez (Fundació CIM). Lectures: Josef Prusa, Adrian Bowyer (RepRap Core Developer), Roger Uceda (Fundació CIM).

3D printer assembly and creative experimentation 3D printer assembly and creative experimentation 3D printer assembly and creative experimentation

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