3D Printed Figurines from Children’s Drawings


Turning children’s drawings into 3DPrinted figurines.

CrayonCreatures.com | Turning children's drawings into 3D Printed figurines.

Children drawings are weird and beautiful.
Kids produce an immense amount of drawings that populate fridges, living rooms and workspaces of parents, family & friends.
Those drawings are amazing.

Now you can turn those drawings into volumetric figurines; nice looking objects that will decorate your home and office with a colorful touch of wild creativity.

http://CrayonCreatures.com will bring to life the kid’s artwork by 3D modeling a digital sculpture and turn it into a real object using 3D Printing technology.

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The figurines are made in full color sandstone, and are about 100mm tall.

Order yours at CrayonCreatures.com


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