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Cunicode partners with a global jewelry manufacturer in an ongoing research project to identify the aesthetics and possibilities of Additive Manufacturing processes in jewelry production.

Experimenting with a wax 3DPrinter,
the designs are then casted in silver and machine finished.


New models developed:

The button: a continuous surface shaped as a traditional button. Suitable as pendant, scalable to earrings and cufflinks.

The knot: an attempt to visualize a celtic knot in 3D. A thick silver cord following an interlace path.

Here a preview of the project development:

lentil shaped pendant with an internal crystal structure

10 loops in a dodecahedron

10 loops in a dodecahedron

double Möbius strip

3DPrited wax model | Silver part

detail of a 3DPrinted model in wax

button-like pendant | 3D Printed wax model

Studio photos:

3D-Printed Wax from a computer file

Silver casted piece

Work In Progress

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