HandAxe, 3DPrinted.


Stone Tools were very popular 2 Million years ago,
back in the Paleolithic, hominids spent their time shaping stones meticulously to impress the peers on their skillful ability to make useful things.

Now we can do the same, 3DPrint a hand-axe and showcase our technological evolution.

It has been a long time since individuals haven’t been able to produce objects using contemporary technology, during the last centuries, the production means have been capitalized by a few who controlled what was produced, when and how. Digital Fabrication brings the technology of producing things back to the individuals, allowing us to make stuff at our will, how and when we want.

3DPrinting a HandAxe, is the first step towards production independence; you make your tools.

3DPrinted in Titanium, this fully functional hand-axe is modeled from a typical Acheulean stone tool found in Zamora, Spain.

Available in Titanium when possible,
meanwhile, you can buy one in Nylon-like plastic for €50

or in Gold Plated StainlesSteel for €500

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