OctoCup & RepRap

I had the chance to visit a 3DPrinting event held at FundacioCIM,
and with the great help of Emmanuel Gilloz, I was able to print out a plastic version of the OctoCup.

The piece was printed in PLA with an ORCA RepRap, (built from a €600 commercial kit).

The original STL was prepared with Skeinforge, a fantastic tool to translate 3D Models into G-Code instructions.
We added material support to the handles to prevent distortions, and we also filled the piece’s body with a circular structure to add stiffness and speed up the printing time.

The print process took over 4 hours, and it was smooth and easy except for a couple of hiccups:
1) at one point, the plastic filament got confused and made a nasty ball
2) I accidentally shut down the machine and we had to print the top of the cup separately.

This 3D print was made in order to experiment and test the RepRap possibilities.

Do you want to print one yourself? Grab the files at Thingiverse:
If you plan to use PLA, you might consider:

a) add support material for the handles
b) print it watertight (at least the inside surface)
c) since hot coffee might melt the PLA, consider drinking ice coffee instead

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