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Works & Projects /// digital fabrication / mass customization / creative code

3D Printed Figurines from Children’s Drawings

CrayonCreatures.com a website to turn wonderful children’s drawings into volumetric figurines; nice looking objects to decorate the home and office with a colorful touch of wild creativity.

Moon Ring

A Topographically correct slice of Moon. Made with planetary data from a Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter LOLA All Sizes available Made in Stainless Steel, with multiple finishings. Buy Here | $50…

dilDIY – coDesigned sex toys | concept

[ Work in Progress ] coDesign application to make 3D Printed ceramic sex toys. Allow customers to shape & design a custom sex toy. Currently under development, Project initiated in a workshop held by Materialise & DigitalForming, where we had…


Jana is an ongoing collection of 3DPrinted toys based on a 3DScan of a real teddy bear combined with textures and modeling deformations. Each Jana model lives digitally in a server, and they are teleported to the physical world just when needed. The toys are made on-demand, they don’t exist until they are bought.

beautiful failures | accidental 3D Prints

Ever since I first saw a 3D-printed object, I’ve been fascinated by the layered look & feel. As a designer I advocate for the honest aesthetics on products, I tend to like things that don’t hide their nature. Same with 3DPrinted objects,…

Structures & Lattices

Ongoing research on structures & lattices to enhance SLS 3D-Print properties. 3D printing allows for the creation of shapes and volumes never possible before, thus, materials might behave differently when presented on such shapes. Taking the Selective Laser Sintering process…


3D-Printed lampshade inspired by mediterranean decorative tiles. Dimensions: 100x100x95mm lampshade fitting = 30mm diameter / suitable for all IKEA table lamps. Small lightbulb, LED lightbulb suggested. Interlaced design that creates beautiful pattern of light and shade. Design & Development After inital…


A rhombus pattern bracelet.

jewelry / research

Cunicode partners with a global jewelry manufacturer in an ongoing research project to identify the aesthetics and possibilities of Additive Manufacturing processes in jewelry production.

3D Printed Christmas Ball

A set of lightweight geometrical christmas decoration balls 3DPrintd in Red, White and Black. Available here / starting at €7   * Do you have a DIY 3D-Printer? Make a ChristmasBall yourself for free: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:14202…

Stellate Collection

Stellate Collection 3D-Printed Home Accessories A collection of two lamps and a table tray made with 3D-Printing technologies featuring faceted surfaces and intricate stellate structures that appear when the pieces are seen through the light. Computer generated shapes are generally…

One Coffee Cup a Day | 30 Days 30 Cups

  One Cup a Day project is an experiment on creativity and rapid manufacturing, by ideating, designing, modeling and making available for production and purchase a coffee cup within 24 hours, everyday during one month. By the end of each…

moonLamp (concept)

The moonLamp explores the translucency proprietress of the 3DPrinted material by wrapping a lunar terrain geometry in the inner wall of the lamp shade. When the lamp is lighted, it displays a Moon landscape on its surface. The lamp is…


HandAxe, 3DPrinted.   Stone Tools were very popular 2 Million years ago, back in the Paleolithic, hominids spent their time shaping stones meticulously to impress the peers on their skillful ability to make useful things. Now we can do the same, 3DPrint a…

Updates & Events /// talks / exhibitions / collabs

Institute of Making Playing with Glow-in-the-dark silly putty at the Institute of Making. UCL
Dollyfied: Digital fabrication based business models can easily be cloned I got a twit alerting me of a “copy of crayon creatures”. I checked it out, and it was more of a clone than a copy or evolution.
Workshop at Makers of Barcelona Design & 3D Print your own lego brick
press | Wired Magazine
DigitalForming | beta testing cunicode joined a Workshop at i.Materialise to test digitalforming’s software. co-Design & Generative Design |
[video] 3D Printing and the Culture of Creativity We are happy to appear at nice video produced by Shapeways featuring some designers from their community.
3D Print & Design Workshop | Barcelona 3D-Printer assembly & creative experimentation. Workshop | Barcelona | September 2012 | Build your own 3DPrinter and develop a design project to be made with your machine.
Beautiful Failures | the book Just arrived, and it looks great. | 52 pages, soft cover, printed by Blurb.com, a great service for independent publishing.
inspiration | natural history museum An afternoon visit to the Natural History museum in Barcelona [MuseuBlau] fueled some ideas for an upcoming collection of 3DPrinted items.  …
press | interview with FESPA | Thoughts on 3DPrint

DIY /// domestic 3D printing

brick 2×3 = 16

A classic lego-like brick with knobs on every side. Inspired by ffff.at Free Universal Construction Kit, fffff.at/free-universal-construction-kit/ and the fact that Lego’s brick patent is over. boingboing.net/2011/10/21/expired-patent-of-the-day-lego.html Detailed dimensions and proportions of a classic Lego brick can be found here:…


A nice vase with pentagonal sides. Evolved from a dodecahedron, surrounded by stars. Robot made, in a domestic 3D-Printer.…

hello Atomica!

Cunicode just got a new 3DPrinter, it is a nice Ultimaker machine and it is called Atomica, after some fine-tuning I’ve been able to print a squirrel at 0.1 mm.…

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