we will shape your product idea,
and design it for Digital Fabrication.


Do you want to get hands on Digital Fabrication?
let’s get together and organize an event at your workplace, an let everyone play around a 3DPrinter.
cunicode will come to your place with a portable 3DPrinter, give a talk, start a discussion on the future of manufacturing and work with your team to explore future applications of Digital Fabrication for your business.


How will your business will benefit from Digital Fabrication?
How could your product be produced with additive manufacturing?
How can you business personalize its offer to your customers?
Will your product be downloadable someday?
cunicode will work with you to answer these questions and implement innovative solutions.

Check the Glossary for more information on tools and processes,
and visit the News & Links page for an inspiring dose of state of the art of creative fabrication.

We design for the contemporary future
Digital Fabrication is a reality,

Nowadays it is possible to print objects, download products and produce on demand.
Current developments on additive manufacturing and material science make it feasible to produce unique objects without the constrains of traditional manufacturing methods.

The steps between idea to production have been shortened, Computer Aided Design and Digital Fabrication are becoming easier and cheaper. This makes it simpler than ever to translate a digital design onto a physical object, to jump from the idea to execution.
Cunicode believes that we are at the doors of a big and meaningful change, where individuals will be empowered with production means, making it feasible to manufacture their goods on demand, customize and share them.

Digital Fabrication lowers the entry barriers to the world of making things.
Traditionally, only a few had access to resources to produce physical goods, and the rest, were just consumers.
Since Digital Fabrication lowers the unit cost of the unique goods, it brings the opportunity to produce without being subjected to the Economies of Scale,  and it also allows for a non-scarcity business model. The process of fabricating is the same for each unit, only the variables change, so it is as cheap to make unique piece as it is to make thousands of them.

Digital Fabrication also brings an opportunity for existing business models based on traditional manufacturing, allowing them to add customization parameters, re-think distribution networks and innovate on their product development.

Service industries will also be able to enter the world of making things because there won’t be minimum order requirements and mainly because Digital Fabrication will allow them to offer personalized physical goods to their clients; Think an insurance company giving a tiny model of an inured house, or a hospital giving you a 3Dprint-toy of your organ after a successful transplant…

Individuals and groups will also benefit from the lowering of the production-world entry barriers. It will be as easy to make products for an individual as it will be for a corporation. A group of friends, might design and produce their own goods.We have been seeing this phenomenon growing exponentially over the past years in the graphic personalization industries with custom-t-shirts, photo-mousepads and so on; Now,this will expand to the physical 3D objects realm; think custom cellphone, lamps, keychains, shoes, dildos…

cunicode is a design studio,
with experience on the world of making things, we have the know-how to design innovative products and services; if you want to make it, we will design it.

cunicode is a consultancy,
we believe the way things are made will change, soon. And we will work together with you to find out how the future will look like.

cunicode is a lab,
Digital Fabrication is an exciting multidisciplinary field built with experimentation. A multitude of great people and projects are constantly developing the new technology, theory and practice needed to make things. We experiment through design, through the generative process of designing things. Our aim is to develop tools to enable the product creation. We believe that Design should end just before the products are fully defined and let the user finish the process, adding their own % of personalization, randomness and magic that will the process of making things theirs.We work as an experimenting lab and we are open to collaborations, commissions and creative projects.

cunicode is a store,
some of our creations are available for download, 3DPrint and purchase.

Join the conversation, contact us.

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