the OctoCup | 3DPrinted | Review

The first 3DPrinted Cup in Ceramics just arrived!
and it looks fantastic.

The glazed layer is quite thick and it hides a lot of the original detail,
which is OK for the OctoCup, but it might be a bit too soft for other designs, like the Knitted Cup or the LowResolution Cup

The overall shape is also a bit distant from the original design,
there’s a lot of imperfections, the handles are not straight and the cup is not a continuous circumference…

It has an overall look and feel of a hand-made product,
which is very interesting, because this object was “untouched by humans” (except for finishing and shipping),
meaning that it was designed in computer, with perfect radiusess, and perfect proportions,
Then, it was 3DPrinted with a computer controlled machine accuracy,
but the result is bumpy and imperfect, and it is nice.
It almost feels like an object out of a craftsman shop,
but this cup is entirely a computer-born and grown object.

Update: Shapeways improved their 3DPrinting process and the results are much better now:

Project: One Coffee Cup a Day

All cups are available as 3D Printed Glazed Ceramics
View the collection @Shapeways


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